“The DiRT directory now shows uptake information – which projects are using each listed tool – to help digital humanists decide which of the many available choices best fits their specific research project. Ever since the DiRT wiki was rebuilt using a more robust, flexible content management system, we envisioned that the site would be able to pull in information about how tools are actually being used. This kind of information is essential to help users decide among the tens or hundreds of tools that could potentially be used to accomplish a particular task. Thanks to the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the skill and expertise of the Agile Humanities Agency, DiRT tool profiles now include links to projects that use that tool, drawn from the DHCommons project directory.

As part of this integration with DiRT, DHCommons, a sister project to DiRT under the umbrella of centerNet, now provides easy access to more information about the tools that make up the projects in its directory. A sidebar on each project profile provides a brief description of the tools that were used to build the project, along with a link to DiRT for more information. Similarly, the lists of all DHCommons projects that use a particular tool include a description of that tool and a link to DiRT.”

—Quinn Dombrowski, dirtdirectory.org

Project Details

Date: Mar 17, 2015

Author: Alan Stanley

Categories: project

Tagged: Development, Drupal

Client: University of California at Berkeley

Website: http://dirtdirectory.org

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