Facilitating Practices of Fair Dealing Online

Facilitating Practices of Fair Dealing Online

Jun 13, 2016. | By: Dean Irvine

This work will provide a model for managing the challenges of creating digital archives of copyright protected work in an open, publicly transparent manner that fosters relationships of trust. 

—Rosemary J. Coombe, Canada Research Chair in Law, Communication and Culture

We’re proud to announce that Facilitating Practices of Fair Dealing Online, co-directed by Rosemary Coombe and Christopher Innes at York University, has been awarded a CIRA Community Investment Program grant for 2016-17.

Agile Humanities Agency will build the project’s open-source Islandora platform of digital archiving, attribution, and licensing tools to manage and identify rights in digitized Canadian cultural resources. Uncertainties surrounding the copyright status of complex multimedia cultural forms often constrain online public access to cultural works with great educational and research value, restricting the development of Canadian culture online.

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