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We recognize that many digital humanists pride themselves on a DIY model that readily accommodates the realization of individual research initiatives (or a modified version of the same that includes hands-on training for student researchers) funded by granting agencies, others avail themselves of software development services provided at their home institutions, and still others follow the multi-institutional and cross-sector partnership model that funds large-scale academic and industry initiatives. Our clients require solutions that go beyond the expertise of student programmers typically drafted into service by grant-funded researchers, that exceed the capacities of services available at home institutions, or that fall below the profit-margin threshold of larger software-industry shops. Agile positions itself in a niche of limited-budget, rapid-delivery open-source software customization and design services for DH and GLAM clients. Instead of running a shop with salaried employees, the agency forms "agile networks" among clients and rapidly assembled teams of programmers, designers, project managers, and consultants who work under contract.

Budgets depend on our clients’ access to resources and how much labour clients are contributing to the job. Sometimes we take on jobs in collaboration with student programmers and themers employed by a project or institution, so they end up getting training as they work with experienced folks at Agile who share their expertise. Sometimes we collaborate with other experienced staff at an institution, so we delegate tasks according to the competencies of those in-house folks who are made available for a job. These agile configurations change from job to job, institution to institution.

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Dean Irvine


Founder and director. Coordinates networks, manages partnerships, prepares quotes, negotiates contracts, consults with clients.

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Alan Stanley


Lead programmer. Islandora, Drupal, and WordPress developer. Works with clients to design and implement customized solutions.

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Rosie Le Faive


Digital librarian. Drupal and Islandora developer. Metadata and data migration. CAD modelling. Specialist in UX/UI design and accessibility.

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Bill Kennedy


Member of the Intelligent Machines collective. Graphic design, UX, information architecture, project management, eCommerce and eBooks, mobile apps.

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David John Evans


Programmer. Islandora and Drupal developer.

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Dana Wheeles

Project manager

Project management, content curation, information architecture, UX/UI design, metadata.

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Wolf Maul


Owner of Semandra, Inc. Drupal, Islandora, Joomla, and WordPress. UX/UI, graphic design, theming, SEO, interactive data visualizations, semantic web/open data, mobile apps.

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Milena Radzikowska

Interaction designer

Text visualization, manufacturing decision support, interaction design, experimental interface design, prototyping.

Digital Humanities at Berkeley has contracted with Agile Humanities Agency for its branding and website design, as well for technical work associated with numerous individual research projects funded by Berkeley DH seed grants. Agile also executed the Mellon-funded work on DiRT when we recognized that there was no viable way to do it on campus. In addition to being considerably more affordable than the large, commercially oriented Drupal development companies that UC Berkeley uses for departmental websites, Agile is run by Dean Irvine, a professor who is himself a digital humanist. In addition to providing the necessary “humanities-to-techie” translation for his programmers (who have themselves worked on numerous digital humanities projects, and are more familiar with the needs and requirements of these projects than most developers), Dean is a valuable advisor on issues of project design, thanks to his own extensive background developing successful, sustainable digital humanities projects.

Quinn Dombrowski

Digital Humanities Specialist – berkeley.edu


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